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Are you finding things to do to make you feel busy?

This title is paraphrased from one of my favourite books – the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Ferriss makes the challenging assertion that a lot of the things we do are really not necessary, and we do them because we need to feel busy during our workday. Or, even worse, because we are avoiding engaging in the really important work that we know we should be doing. However, even though we know what the 1 single most important task is for us today, because it is challenging, risky or overwhelming, we avoid it.

A classic example is email.

When you get into the office in the morning what is the first thing you do? Check your email, right?

So, is your email the most important task you have on your list for today? I’ll wager it isn’t.

For me, business development is the most important task because, as a business owner, without new clients and new assignments to work on, there would be no business.

Yes, I need to check my email, but it can wait until after I have done an hour of prospecting.

Social media is another excellent example.

How long do you spend on it each day? How often do you reach for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter when you are looking for something to do that is easy, while avoiding doing that important task?

There are many other tasks that, although potentially important, are often not the most important thing right now.

You know what yours is today, right? That most important task?

Have you started it? No?

OK, then stop reading this and go get at it. You will feel much better afterwards, I promise!




Image credit: https://goo.gl/images/OHKmem