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Hiring for curiosity

When talking with a client recently, curiosity came up as a vital personality trait in the person we were going to recruit for her.

It was clear to me when she mentioned this particular attribute as to why it would be important.

It can be demonstrated in so many ways:

  • Thinking about why we do things the way we do around here – and if there is a better way
  • Asking about how things work to better understand them and their impact on others
  • Wanting to understand colleagues and what is important to them
  • Delving in to the software applications used to see if they are being utilised to their fullest potential
  • Seeing external ways of working and bringing them to the team, to see if they might work
  • Asking people about their careers and how they got to where they are
  • Being genuinely interested in how the company is performing

Natural curiosity is a very desirable characteristic in a person when hiring, so why hadn’t I thought of this before?

I will be looking out for indicators of curiosity in the people I hire for my clients and for my business in future.

What do you think?


Image credit: Quotesgram.com