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Executive Search

Executive Search or Headhunting is an expert service to clients who are looking to tap in to the passive pool of candidates who are not on the job market. This is usually because of the necessity for specific skills, experience or industry exposure which is limited in proliferation.

This method is highly specialised and relies on comprehensive briefings and research before confidential, discreet approaches are made to the particular individuals. The potential applicants are then interviewed face to face and given a full briefing on the role. Donaldson Solutions manage the whole process and present the shortlist of interested parties within the agreed timeframe.

Step 1.     Vacancy brief and target list agreed with client



Step 2.     Research carried out and confidential approaches made



Step 3.     Formal assessments by Donaldson Solutions



Step 4.     Shortlist presented to client



Step 5.     Formal interviews with client



Step 6.     Offers made and feedback given


Step 7.     Resignation and start date arrangements made